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What We Can Do for You


We are a small scale manufacturer of customized 3D printed products. Our main customers are UNDP The Gambia, ITC, schools and hospitals. Our most popular products are  medical devices, decorative items, spare parts and customized tools.

Product development

We are bringing practical solutions. Product development is a key component of our business. We analyze the local problems and our team proposes customized, contextualized and innovative solutions. We use 3D printing technology as a powerful tool to make an impact.

Capacity building

We provide full training programmes for institutions and individuals including consultations on selection of hardware, software and development of customized products for customer's context.


Our specialization is consultancy on sustainability of 3D printing within given context, implementation of 3D printing projects, waste management in 3D printing and feasibility studies.


Our goods and services are always tailored to customer needs.

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Make3D Company Limited was established with the focus of providing access to 3D printing for Gambians. This is still our primary mission.

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Our company expands to other markets, sectors and countries. Our catalog is based on open source products which are backbone of our capacity building programmes.


We are ready to offer tailor made goods and services. Contact us with your vision we will make it 3D.

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